Ajankohta: 14.12.2021 tiistai

How to build a successful business model and a thriving team at the same time?

14.12.2021 BusinessAsema / Online 9:00–12:00

Registratations by 12th December 2021

These two processes go hand in hand, but they are traditionally viewed from very different perspectives. Join this workshop to learn how to build the business and the team simultaneously, and how to make it meaningful and efficient for everyone.


Oki believes the current startup tools have left a lot of room for improvement. He wants to see practical tools that actually create a lot of value for the teams using them. In this workshop, he wants to demonstrate the best tools yet.

Oki has 20 years of entrepreneurial experience and he is a sucker for developing existing solutions. Currently he is an entrepreneur at Trainshare and a co-founder of Remode.