Julkaistu 16.1.2024 tiistai

Turn your idea into a startup in 100 days with help of a community

Startup Express is a pre-incubator that supports idea-stage startup teams and individuals with entrepreneurial aspirations in Oulu. It offers a 14-week program where participants can turn their ideas into startups within 100 days, with the support of a community, coaches, and mentors.

Startup Express welcomes both teams and individuals. You don’t need to have a fully formed idea to participate. You will gain confidence, direction, skills and valuable contacts.

As participants of our previous cohort have said, the best part is that you don’t have to walk alone. You get an ambitious community around you to help you take the next steps.

Apply for the next Startup Express cohort by January 28th. Our program starts in February 2024: https://oulu.com/en/startup-express-pre-incubator/

Check out what other previous participants have shared about their experiences in the video. The kick-off for the next group is Feb 7th 2024, sign up now and take your first steps towards entrepreneurship!

Video: Startup Express Oulu: Experiences