FabLab’s high technology is available to all, free of charge

BusinessAsema FabLab

At BusinessAsema FabLab, you can learn, use and utilise modern digital methods of manufacturing in innovation, application and showcasing your expertise. At our prototype workshop, companies can reproduce and reconstruct the new smart space solutions of BusinessAsema from start to finish, for example. The collection of digital manufacturing methods can be utilised in both technology and art – welcome to try out the Lab and learn new things!

FabLab is a global concept which originated from university of MIT at 2001. The first FabLab to be set up outside MIT was in India at 2002. Today the FabLab network includes approx. 3000 labs world wide. Currently there are 12 labs in Finland of which half are located in Oulu. Oulu’s first and Finland’s second lab was university of Oulu’s “FabLab Oulu

BusinessAsema FabLab adheres to the Fab Charter proposed by the Fab Foundation

BusinessAsema FabLab’s Opening Hours and contact information

FabLab is open for all by reservation on weekdays from 9 a.m. to 4 p.m. Recommended max. group size is 10–12 ppl. Booking FabLab is free of charge (materials in moderation included). Please, book no later than by 12 p.m. on the previous weekday.

FOR more information contact:


Jari Uusitalo
Instructor, BusinessAsema FabLab
tel. 040 846 2811


Laser cutter

Cut precise shapes with different materials

Vinyl cutter

Cut stickers for transferring onto fabric with heat press

3D printer

Three-dimensional objects and shapes from biodegradable material

3D scanner

Scanner for three-dimensional objects and shapes

Milling machines

There are two types of milling machines for different materials


Several different tools for working with electronics


Create handicraft projects or embroider a pattern onto existing product


Design the materials for FabLab equipment